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Business cards

Card types:

Standard pack            

Classic pack

White and off white cream         


Velvet lamination is a thin special transparent film coated on business cards which feels like a skin of a fresh peach. This soft feel gives the cards an edge over standard silk laminated cards making them an increasingly popular choice for companies looking for something little different.The soft suede feel will surely be felt by your clients when you present them your Velvet Laminated business card.



PVC Plastic Business Cards Printing JEDDAH DUBAI,

If you’re looking for a card that will leave a good impression then one of our pvc plastic business card may be the perfect fit for you. These business cards are thick, waterproof, durable & bendable. A good feel for a high end business card.

Features of PVC Plastic Business cards :
  • Water Proof
  • Bendable
  • Non Tearable
  • Wallet Friendly
  • Competitive Price


PVC Plastic Business card Stock – 275 gsm

This business card stock can be printed single or double sided, and is very durable.


Craft Business cards – 100% recycled in JEDDAH, KSA.

Our Vintage style Craft Business Cards are 100% recycled. The traditional brown finish enhances even the most simple designs creating a huge impact.

Card Stock – 300 gsm
Earthy natural, organic based, eco-friendly stock displays a wonderfully Environmental friendly feel.


Craft Business Cards Black Printing / Craft Business Cards Special White Ink / Craft Business Cards Embossed / Craft Business Cards Black Foil/ Craft Business Card Gold Foil/    Craft Business Cards    Tags


Your new corporate signature.

Our Translucent Plastic Business Cards are high quality cards which are Semi-Transparent – Frost Finish.

Features of Translucent Business cards:

  • Semi Transparent – 400 microns
  • Unique look
  • Water resistant
  • Vibrant colors
  • Premium quality



Spot UV business cards have really become fashionable over the past few years, gaining a lot of popularity during the time.

The idea is fairly brilliant and allows for extensive possibilities – the lot of which are attention grabbing and unique.

What is Spot UV?

You have probably heard of matte business cards.

You have probably heard of glossy business cards.

Simply stated, spot UV business cards are a mix of the two.

Rather than putting on a gloss Lamination coating to the entire card, it is only applied in selected spaces of your business card, as directed by the graphic designer.

Often, you’ll see it used on the logo, company name, or other important visual element. Other times it is applied in an original pattern.

Benefits of Spot UV

For one, spot UV printing is super cool, and pretty much impossible to overlook. It adds both a textural and visual experience unlike other card types. The most similar example would probably be foil stamped business cards, whereby foil is similarly applied to set elements in the card for visual and textural effect.


Spot gloss is a top choice for graphic designers as a result of its eye-grabbing appearance and invitation for ingenuity.


Those who receive it are sure to be wowed too, creating a lasting impression.


Luxury Business cards with Colored Edges are Multi layered – 3-ply cards which are carefully compressed together with a colored layer in the middle of the 2 Layers. This process gives an ultra thickness to the card and a unique rich look. We refer to this product on our website as a Layered Business Card or a 3-ply Business Card.


  • -Superior Grade Card Stocks.
  • -Very Light Textured for smooth Printing.
  • -300gsm Thick Card Material.
  • -Best Suitable for the printing of Text and logos.
  • -Rich Look and Feel.

With www.RJ-advertising you can get your Business cards printed within 24-48 hours.

Digital Business cards are usually printed on Plain Material to produce best results. 350gsm Matt Card Smooth White is ideal for high quality digital business cards.

If you have an Artwork with Full Patch of colour on single side or both sides and needs to be printed on a textured material, then Offset printing is the best method.

Advantages of Digitally printed business cards

1. Shorter turnaround.

2. Every print is the same. More accurate counts, less waste and fewer variations, due to not having to balance ink and water during press run.

3. Cheaper low volume printing. While the unit cost of each piece may be higher than with offset printing, when setup costs are included digital printing provides lower per unit costs for very small print runs.

Important points to note before placing your order:

• Colors are based on CMYK Digital standards. Print quality is superior and colors are
consistent till the last print. Our digital production machines are capable to produce nearest
output to offset printing.
• We do not guarantee to match the same colors as per your existing business card. Colors
may vary from machine to machine and vendor to vendor.
• There may be some colour variation between what the Client sees on the screen and what
the final product looks like. There will be no reprints at the supplier’s expense due to colour
• Pantone colours will not be printed and will automatically be converted to CYMK.
Our friendly staff will help you to design a business card, if you don’t have one already. Simply choose a Business card template on our website – Business cards category and email us the code of the template.